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Sorry, but we will not be selling 2014 passes this year. We do apologize, we lost the property we run our tours on. Stay tuned for more information


Unfortunately Access Passes will not be sold for the 2014 season as we are searching for new property to operate. 
Stay tuned for more information


Take a ride on the wild side with ERA Tours. Come and experience the beautiful and rugged terrain as our drivers deliver an expert demonstration of all the Hummer's awesome capabilities. It is an off road adventure for the whole family! > LEARN MORE ]


For the more adventurous, YOU can drive the ultimate off-road vehicle: our custom made Rock Buggies.  These machines don't require an expert driver, just a little instruction and YOU behind the wheel.  You will not be able to do anything like this, anywhere in Ontario, or even Canada for that matter.  Powered with Bio Fuel, these green machines are the meanest things to hit the trails. It is a driving experience like no other. [ > LEARN MORE ]